In August 1988, seventy-eight (78) members worshiped for the first time as a congregation at FWS Christian Resort in Southwest Memphis with Brother John Hall as minister. In June 1990, the Caredon Church of Christ purchased the property at 3849 Elliston Road and changed its name to the Elliston Road Church of Christ.  Brother John Hall served as minister until 1992. Brothers Gary Atwater and Robert Williams served as ministers respectively until 1998. In 1998, Brother Nokomas Rodgers became the minister.

In April 2000, the congregation purchased the property at 3825 South Germantown Road and changed the name to the South Germantown Road Church of Christ. In March 2006, Brother Charles Fulbright Jr. became the minister.

On Sunday, September 20, 2009, SGR installed and ordained three elders and five deacons. The men who were ordained as elders were Lonnie Brownlee, Leon Dickson Sr. and George Hilliard. The men who were ordained as deacons were Norris Fields Sr., Eddie Hilliard Sr., James Hubbard Sr., Donald Jones Sr. and Dedric Pearson.

Brother Charles Fulbright, Jr. served as minister until July 2013. He was succeeded by Paul Williams.

Robert Randolph became minister in January of 2016.