The administration team is responsible for office services, bulletin publication, communications, member directory, new member orientation, meetings, and long-range planning.


This ministry team ensures all assistants and items pertaining to baptisms are always ready.  This ministry is responsible for each newly baptized member receives a certificate of baptism.


This ministry is responsible for offering support to individuals in need in the congregation and the community.


This ministry maintains the buildings and grounds at all times for all occasions. They are responsible for making sure all of the necessary items and supplies to properly maintain and clean the buildings and grounds are available.


The purpose of the Education Ministry at South Germantown Road is to equip members to fulfill the great commission of Christ.

Fellowship & Activities

This ministry’s purpose is to plan, facilitate, and evaluate events that will serve in building community at the South Germantown Road Church.


This ministry is dedicated to the maintaining and ensuring the South Germantown Road Church operates using sound financial practices.

Outreach & Evangelism

The purpose of the Outreach & Evangelism Ministry is to make disciples of Christ.  This is accomplished through engaging, serving, and teaching the community.  This ministry includes partnerships with key community organizations in order to fulfill the mission of Christ’s church.

Services, Devotions, and Programs

South Germantown Road Church offers opportunities for members and visitors to grow spiritually through Sunday worship services, weekly devotionals and special programs.

Service Groups

This ministry assists with the pastoral care of the membership.

Sound & Recording

The Sound & Recording Ministry records and maintains sermons.  This ministry also ensures that services and other ministries are supported with sound equipment and support.


The Youth Ministry exists to cultivate the hearts of the youth for the service of the Lord.  The group participates in service projects, area wide devotionals, ministry trips, and conferences.